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Donald Rumsfeld:
Weapons of Mass Destruction

The terminology "Weapons of mass destruction" itself is left open to interpretation. It could mean a nuclear bomb, like the one dropped above Hiroshima by the United States of America. It could also be a fiery cocktail that engulfs a Manhattan residential complex, killing thousands. US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld continues his mission to find "weapons" in Iraq while world pressure [actually] wanes on presumed lack of evidence.

Donald Rumsfeld

The United States of America is the most powerful country in the world at present. US Intelligence, US Army, Navy, military equipment and nuclear weapons can effectively wipe out any exposed person on earth. However, the United States has yet to find "inappropriate" weapons in Iraq.

Doubtful many readers have visited Iraq. The state of California is 94 percent the size of Iraq, or 8,000 square miles smaller. However, the terrain of Iraq, unlike California, is easier to navigate, and host to far less vegetation with three quarters desert.

Donald Rumsfeld said, "I have reason, every reason, to believe that the intelligence that we were operating off was correct and that we will, in fact, find weapons or evidence of weapons, programs, that are conclusive." Rumsfeld told the Pentagon media briefing that it is a matter of time before the United States finds these weapons. As of this writing, 19 July, 2003, the United States has not found weapons deemed illegal on Iraq territory; this after 10 years of satellite surveillance, and three months with 200,000 on the ground seeking weapons and order.

In February, Secretary of State Colin Powell, attempted to convince the United Nations using satellite images and taped phone conversations from Iraq to prove the existence of "weapons of mass destruction." If the United States knew for certain in February 2003 of weapons, how, in June of the same year can these weapons be hidden? How can anything be hidden while the United States is the ruling power of Iraq?

But we have to have patience, says Rumsfeld, "I believe that patience will prove to be a virtue," Rumsfeld said.

Think and Ask: should this writer give Donald Rumsfeld the patience he seeks? Perhaps, but I am paying his salary. So are you, if you read from within the borders of the United States. So far, Donald Rumsfeld has yet to justify his salary.

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