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Nicolas Marques snaps picture of the day, or is this heartless journalism?

Iranian protester sets self on fire The photograph (left) was taken by Associated Press stringer photographer, Nicolas Marques. On 18 June 2003, three Iranian protesters set themselves ablaze at the French counter intelligence agency in Paris. The well being of this unidentified man pictured is not known; however, Marques snapped and left the scene to file his report.

In journalism, news headlines and photographs are decided upon by editors. The decision becomes their personal choice. Should the picture shown here, taken by Nicolas Marques, be used as a front page story, such as this was? Or is this photography simply sensational journalism intended to grab your attention for the advertisers around news?

The decision to show the human side of life, albeit not always a positive display, is what journalists and editors often do. But would Marques be obligated as a human being to help the unidentified man extinguish his burning clothes? That would be my priority, which makes me a lousy photographer from the Associated Press' point of view.

What would you do? Snap and run like Marques? Snap and help? Tell us what you think e-mail: jeffrey @ thinkandask.com

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