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Think & Ask uses Urchin to measure site traffic. Urchin reports tell us which stories are most popular, without bothering the reader with pop-up surveys. Is this a "Big Brother" phenonemon? No. We don't capture your computer's ID. The following information helps us understand what readers want to know.

For January-December 2005 the top 11 most popular stories on Think & Ask.

From January to December 2005 Think & Ask logged 4,679,721 unique visitors, up 2.5 million from 2004.

Search engines continue to drive the most amount of traffic with 49 percent of users arriving from Google.com, 28 percent from Yahoo!, 9 percent from MSN, and 4 percent from AOL. Ten percent of users arrived directly or from other sites.

What we know about those who arrive on Think & Ask is that about 11 percent bookmark the website, 29 percent have no identifying domain. MSN accounts beat AOL in 2005 for highest ISP traffic (as No.1 and No.2,) followed by Comcast, Verizon, and the United States governmnet and educational institutions. Blog links spiked traffic, and produced about 17 percent more traffic we estimate than would be otherwise.

The majority of users (33 percent) hit from ".com" domains, 27 percent hit from ".net" domains. The top country domains (that actually show up -- most are not listed) include: United States, Germany, UK, Canada, Japan, Italy, China, France, Australia.

Browsers used: Internet Explore 66 percent (a drop of 4 percent from 2004,) Netscape 12 percent, Safari, Konqueror, Opera, and dozens of smaller readers/viewers.

Operating systems: 68 percent use Windows (a 2 percent drop from 2004,) 28 percent unknown, 4 percent Mac, 2 percent Linux; Unix.