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PTA: Ignore Advertisers’ Christmas Brainwash, Give Children Your Time

Madison Avenue executives plan 11 months each year for December spending in the United States. Advertiser messaging rewards their clients with billions of dollars from children wanting and demanding more by tapping into parental guilt for being too busy to spend quality time with offspring. The National Parent Teacher Association gives Madison Avenue failing grades for negatively impacting children through advertising in the United States.

Long-term affects of advertisements on children leave teenagers "materialistic" and "self-centered" the organization contends. Children "usually have more problems with anxiety, physical ailments, and drug and alcohol abuse. Show children and teens that learning, creativity, being involved in the community, and relationships with friends and family are top priorities," the organization suggests.

“I want video games, I want a new cell phone, I want a new laptop...Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie!” reported the Parent Teacher Association. "Child experts say kids are likely to cultivate a strong taste for consumerism when parents aren’t careful with gift-giving."

The national group urges parents to ignore Madison Avenue advertising with some helpful hints.

"Teach kids that giving is more important than getting. The holidays are a good time for families to go through toy chests and closets for items to donate to a church, family shelter, or other charitable community organization," the organization advises.

Parents can also help shift selfish behavior with children by giving their children time rather than a wrapped-up, store-bought gift. "Kids become lonely, depressed, and angry when parents give them material items instead of their attention. Start a new family tradition. Read holiday stories together once a week, learn how other cultures celebrate the holidays, or wrap holiday gifts for seniors."

Family values, which never resonate from advertising firms, begin at home the Parent Teacher Association concludes -- spending time with family is more rewarding that spending money at a retail store.


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