Australians Finally 'Got it,' Tossed-out Howard with the Garbage



24 November 2007: Better late then never as they say. Australians finally voted out their pro-war Prime Minister John Howard who now goes down in history as one of many failed puppets to President George W Bush. Howard was also known for for mixing god and politics during his reign of 12 years.

The nation's Labor Party head Kevin Rudd, who was voted prime minister by a 7 point spread, now pledges to bring some troops home from hell hole Iraq, leaving about 1,000 personnel as token security officers.

ABC (the Australian Broadcasting Corporation) projected a clear majority too for the Labor Party in Parliament, which translated into a stiff slap in the face to Australia's Conservative Party.

"I accept full responsibility for the Liberal Party campaign," said Howard, "and I therefore accept full responsibility for the coalition's defeat in this election campaign."

Rudd, 50, meanwhile pledged "economic conservative" govern-ship while boosting funding for education and cracking down on board room corruption.

"Today Australia has looked to the future," Rudd said. "Today the Australian people have decided that we as a nation will move forward ... to embrace the future, together to write a new page in our nation's history."

Rudd vowed to deal with "global warming," which is trendy at the moment even though it is truly a misguided effort. Rudd said his signing of the Kyoto Protocol would leave only the United States out.

Howard swept to victory in four consecutive terms on the premise that he alone was responsible for economic prosperity...It was however due to increased trade with neighbors on Asia's continent and not the prime minister.


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