When in Drought - Pray



13 November 2007: The state of Georgia, in the southeastern United States, has experienced unusually dry weather in the past 13 months, and only half the amount of annual average rainfall has fallen in the region.

This, coupled with astronomical growth and water demands from urban sprawl, has brought the state's water resources to its knees. And now the governor of the state, George (Sonny) Perdue, will be on his knees too -- to pray for rain.

Water restrictions across Georgia are already in place, but Perdue contends that as the drought continues to impact supplies he and other elected officials will turn to the skies in prayer.

One is not likely to witness public praying in New York for rain or snow or good will towards men, although the words "god" and "amen" were bantered about quite a bit by politicians in the days following 11 September 2001 in Manhattan. Those public displays of worship were generally forgiven at the time, considering the magnitude of the terrorist attacks and deaths of thousands of civilians here.

Georgia however is in the heart of what northerners call the Bible Belt -- home to moonshine, mansions, mega churches, mega Wal-Mart Super Centers, and openly praying politicians, teachers, and football players.

The neighboring state of Alabama and its governor Robert Renfroe Riley did a round of prayers in July to bring on rain...which obviously didn't work.

Both governors are members of the Republican political party.


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