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ExxonMobil, Girls Inc. Foster Interest in Math, Science Careers

ExxonMobil and Girls Incorporated of Metropolitan Dallas (Girls Inc.,) want to increase the number of young women in what are traditionally male-dominated jobs across the science and engineering sectors. ExxonMobil and Girls showcased math, science, and technology projects at the ExxonMobil Family Math and Science Night on 8 November 2006 in Dallas, TX.

"It is important that girls are aware of the numerous career opportunities a math and science education can hold for them," said Gerald McElvy, president of ExxonMobil Foundation. "We need to introduce these possibilities at a young age and help them tackle misconceptions about these fields. ExxonMobil is proud to be a sponsor and is a firm believer that the ExxonMobil Family Math and Science Night has opened minds and brought about excitement for many students."

The ExxonMobil Family Math and Science Night provided an educational experience for the family including math and science stations that engage children of all ages in interesting projects and experiments. The evening allowed the girls and their siblings to explore, ask questions and solve problems in these fields. Additionally, parents received information on a variety of topics such as studying techniques, tips for communicating with teachers and how to use household items as learning tools.

"The ability to help girls develop a healthy attitude and understanding of math, science and technology is central to ensuring that girls realize their full potential," said Ruth Thomas, chief executive officer, Girls Incorporated of Metropolitan Dallas. "Girls gain confidence, competence and comfort through programs like ExxonMobil Family Math and Science Night."

During 2006, ExxonMobil provided a $35,000 grant for Operation SMART projects, which support the company’s effort to improve education by creating an awareness of math and science-based career opportunities for women and minorities.


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