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Pres. Bush Warns of High Taxes in Democrat Takeover

In Sarasota, FL, President George W Bush continued campaigning for Republican Party candidates ahead of  tight Congressional race 2006. The president said Republicans must win in order to maintain low taxes and foster small business growth. 

To prove his point the president made is remarks at Gyrocam Systems LLC, a small business that manufactures and services advanced airborne daytime, nighttime, and heat-sensing surveillance equipment.

President Bush told employees at Gyrocam Systems that is was his low tax policies that enabled the small business to grow and hire new employees.
Gyrocam Systems
Photo by Eric Draper for the White House

"One of the reasons why we're adding jobs in this country of ours is because our small business sector is flourishing," the president said.

"And in order to make sure that companies such as this little company continue to expand you got to keep taxes low. If we run up taxes it's going to make it harder for the small businesses to expand," President Bush said.

For the Congressional race, which will be determined by a nationwide vote 7 November 2006, President Bush said "if the Democrats take control of the Congress they'll raise taxes by letting the tax cuts expire," which then in turn soaks the small businesses responsible for so much of the economic growth experienced in the past three years.

President Bush met with Iraq war veterans who now work for Gyrocam Systems. "They're bringing their expertise off the battlefield to help this company design a product which will work."

With Republicans in control of Congress after November, the president said he would keep taxes low, offer less regulation, "and our economy will remain strong. If we run up taxes it will falter."

Some polls show Democrats favored to take a majority of seats on election day, but President Bush waved off the threat during a meeting with NATO Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer. "I've seen it before where people start measuring the drapes in their new offices before the vote has been counted -- in other words, they're taking the people's vote for granted," President Bush said.

He again emphasized how low-taxes had boosted the economy to new record highs, put more people back to work than at anytime in the history of the United States and any worry over the election would be purely "fascination" by "pundits and people who are giving their opinions."

"I see enthusiasm amongst Republicans, I see candidates who are saying, vote for me, I will work to make sure America doesn't get attacked again. And I'm seeing candidates saying, I understand that if we run up your taxes like the Democrats do, it's going to hurt this economy, and so we'll keep your taxes low," President Bush said.


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