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Iraq Security Force Training Meets White House Goal

For the fourth anniversary of the United States' invasion of Iraq President George W Bush said that for the military to achieve its goal both nations would require patience and determination.

"While there is much work to be done, there are encouraging signs of progress," President Bush said.

In highlighting the progress thus far, President Bush said that Iraq's security forces have stepped up to take control, and the number of those trained stands at 329,000. It should be noted that in June 2006, President Bush said the goal for training was 325,000 by year-end 2006.

Three of Iraq's 18 provinces have taken on their own security four years after the invasion.

Iraq approved $10 billion for reconstruction efforts, although the president did not state where the funds originated.

Iraq has also committed to form working groups on border security, fuel imports, and refugees.  They plan to hold another regional meeting at the ministerial level in April 2007.

In January 2007, President Bush announced a new strategy for Iraq in which its top priority was meant to reduce violence in Baghdad, and to give Iraqi leaders the breathing room they need to make political progress. It also provided for military personnel reinforcements (of about 20,000.)

"As our military reinforces its mission in the greater Baghdad area and Anbar province, a complementary effort is underway on the civilian side in the form of a joint Defense Department and State Department initiative to double the number of Provincial Reconstruction Teams in Iraq, with a primary focus on Baghdad and Anbar province.  The first wave of civilian volunteers has completed training and will deploy to Iraq" by the end of March the president said.

President Bush added that forces have rounded up weapons "and recovered large weapons caches, including mortar weapons systems and rocket-propelled grenades" and had destroyed car bomb factories in an around Baghdad.


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