Pres. Bush Executes Order for Care of Wounded 'Global War on Terror Heroes'  :  Published March 2007 All Rights Reserved


Pres. Bush Executes Order for Care of Wounded 'Global War on Terror Heroes'

President George W Bush signed an executive order establishing a commission for the care of those wounded in battles across Iraq and Afghanistan. The order provides a comprehensive review of the care provided to wounded military personnel upon their return to the United States.

The commission would comprise of nine members appointed by President Bush and he will designate two co-chairs from member ranks. The commission's mission is short-term and sets to examine the effectiveness of returning wounded service members' transition from deployment to successful return to productive military service or civilian society.

Furthermore the commission would recommend improvements; evaluate the coordination, management, and adequacy of the delivery of health care, disability, traumatic injury, education, employment, and other benefits and services to returning wounded; and recommend ways to ensure that programs provide high-quality services.

The president expects to grow effective outreach to service members regarding such benefits and services, and service members' level of awareness of and ability to access these benefits and services. The commission would seek support from foundations, veterans' service organizations, non-profit groups, and religious organizations.

The Secretary of Defense would provide administrative support and funding for the commission. Commission members were expected to serve without compensation but provisional travel expenses would be allowed dependent upon available funds.

President Bush expects the commission's final report on matters by 30 June 2007, with a buffer of 30 days should co-chairs agree more time was needed. The group would be disbanded upon 30 days after submitting its final report.

President Bush will name representatives for a task force called "Interagency Task Force on Returning Global War on Terror Heroes," which would consist of designees from the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, who shall serve as chair; Secretary of Defense; Secretary of Labor; Secretary of Health and Human Services; Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; Secretary of Education; Director of the Office of Management and Budget; Administrator of the Small Business Administration; and other officers or employees of the United States, as determined by the Secretary. Presumably the task force carries-out the commission's findings, however that goal was not immediately clear from the executive order.

The Global War on Terror Heroes task force would identify and examine existing federal services that currently are provided to returning Global War on Terror service members; identify existing gaps in such services; seek recommendations from appropriate federal agencies on ways to fill those gaps as effectively and expeditiously as possible using existing resources; and ensure that in providing services federal agencies communicate, cooperate, and facilitate through informal and formal means.

The task force ensures the provision of services to those service members as effectively and expeditiously as possible the president said, and it has 45 days from 6 March 2007 to submit its action plan.


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