VP Cheney Warns of Consequences in Iraq if Troops Pullout  :  Published February 2007 All Rights Reserved


Cheney Warns of Consequences in Iraq if Troops Pullout

Vice president Richard Cheney addressed the 34th annual Conservative Political Action Conference dinner on 1 March 2007 and said any quick withdrawal of troops from Iraq would enable "Muslim extremists" to overtake the country.

Cheney, himself a long-time supporter of the United States' invasion of Iraq, criticized all efforts by rival Democrats to pressure President George W Bush on an exit strategy. The vice president also said any opposition to sending an additional 21,000 servicemen to Iraq was unjustified and could negatively impact the United States' effort in Iraq.

"I sincerely hope the discussion this time will be about winning in Iraq, not about posturing on Capitol Hill. Anyone can say they support the troops, and we should take them at their word. But the proof will come when it's time to provide the money and the support," Cheney said.

The House of Representatives and the Senate would be voting soon on binding legislation to fund the increased level of troops.

Democrats are arguing for a plan to bring all troops home within six months if Iraq's leaders cannot control violence.

Cheney has warned other nations, in particular war-torn Afghanistan, that should Iraq fall to rebels the instability could spread across national borders. "Having tasted victory in Iraq, the (militants) would look for new missions. Many would head for Afghanistan to fight alongside the Taliban," Cheney said.

The Conservative Political Action Conference was to bring together 5,000 conservatives for its three-day conference beginning 1 March.

Other speakers at the event included former speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, governors Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney, news celebrity Sean Hannity, and author Ann Coulter to name a few.


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