Putin Urges Response Against USA Aggression  :  Published February 2007 All Rights Reserved


Putin Urges Response Against USA Aggression

Russia's President Vladimir Putin told attendees at the annual Munich Conference on Security Policy that the United States is encouraging fringe groups throughout the world to acquire nuclear weapons in essence to take up a fight against White House strong-arming.

The president told members that President George W Bush is "almost" uncontained by power and condemned the White House's plans to beef up missile defense using Poland and the Czech Republic, and for plans to expand NATO. The speech was President Putin's harshest criticism to date against President Bush, although the two remain "friends" Russia's president said. 

Russia would continue supporting Iran and President Putin told the White House to stay out of Russia's affairs.

"The United States has overstepped its national borders in every way," President Putin said, and "this is very dangerous, nobody feels secure anymore because nobody can hide behind international law."

President Putin warned that the past six years of aggressive behavior by President Bush threatens the world's balance of power and "could provoke an unspecified response."

"We need to respond to this," the president told the forum.

Independent Senator Joseph Lieberman (CT) condemned President Putin for spewing "Cold War rhetoric," and Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (SC) defined the speech as a clear battle line between the United States and Russia moving forward.

Other issues discussed at the forum included political support for Israel, tightening sanctions and policy against Iran, and global warming.

Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel, who opened the conference, urged leaders to come together on issues facing all nations due to climate change.

"Global warming is one of the major medium- to long-term threats that could have a dramatic effect," Merkel said.


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