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Obsession with Sex Stays Fresh in the News

References to sex and sexual organs continue to draw headlines and ire from journalists and residents in the United States during early February 2007. In the state of Maine one high school basketball coach, Mike Remillard, instructed his boys during a half-time action break to reach their hands into their pants and check their manhood --meaning their penis-- before the boys were allowed to return to the basketball court.

The high school principal Patrick Hartnett reported in a statement that Remillard wanted to know who had the biggest 'dick' in town as a way in which to boost his team's spirit against the opposing male basketball team. "He then required his players to all stand up and put their hands down their pants and check their manhood" in the locker room Hartnett reported. One player is said to have not followed instructions although it was unclear whether or not that player had any manhood. Remillard's team  won the game, but the coach was dismissed from duties.

At the Calhoun College dormitory, on the campus of Yale University -- an elite college for the privileged class in the United States, professor Jonathan Holloway was upset by sexual intercourse having left its mark in the dormitory shower stalls. Holloway e-mailed Yale officials that intimate activity in the showers was not acceptable -- and often such activity left showers stalls with unmentionable residue.

Yale's conservative co-editor of Critical Mass, Dan Gelernter, found that the shower sexual intercourse of late was an example of how Yale has declined into the depths of moral degradation.

In Seattle, WA,  (government salaried) port employees were found to have been sharing sexually explicit video links on office computers and watching sexual play during working hours. Nearly one third of employees who are responsible for security at the airport were named in the investigation. All employees investigated were male.

Meanwhile, Seattle columnist Ken Schram suggested that state residents were afraid of sex. Washington state legislature is considering public sex education standards...but such laws are controversial in the United States because most equate 'sex education' with 'how to have sex tonight,' or, as Schram puts it "when kids are told about logarithms, they just run mathematically amok."

Schram suggested it is up to parents to teach the responsibilities of sex and the public education system would inform students on sexual activity from a medically accurate point of view to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Judging from the ages of those 34 men at Seattle's port authority, their children are of school age, so one should question how parents could say 'no' to public sex education when the parents get turned on by videos rather than the real thing.

Roman Catholic priest George Chaanine of Las Vegas, NV, apparently raped and brutalized a female choir member. Chaanine fled the scene and was later captured on the run in the neighboring state of Arizona and now faces rape, assault, and attempted murder charges in Nevada.

Greenville, NC, former sheriff deputy James Matthews was caught asking a 12-year-old girl for sexual favors in Internet chat rooms. The 12-year-old was not actually a girl, but an undercover police officer working to capture online predators. Matthews was fired from the force in 2005, but the police department would not explain circumstances of termination.

Kids in Jacksonville, FL, were enjoying themselves as well this past week. One 6-year-old boy at a Kinder Care Learning Center told his mother that an 11-year-old girl performed oral sex on him while another 8-year-old boy observed 'how to.'  At nearby Oceanway Middle School an administrator ran into a 16-year-old boy and 14-year-old girl engaging in intercourse and moaning to rhythms of their own making.

Teacher Joseph Circle remained in jail after he was accused of having a six-month sexual relationship with a female student half his age. The 13-year-old girl and Circle met in August 2006 and the girl is reported to have visited the teacher's apartment regularly.

Sexual relations should not hurt San Francisco, CA, mayor Gavin Newsom. The mayor admitted (and apologized for) an affair with the wife of a friend who was also his campaign manager. Newsom and his former wife divorced in 2005 so he was a bachelor at the time of the affair with the friend's wife. San Francisco is the only truly liberal city in the United States, and even rivals the definition of what makes a city liberal by Europe standards.

Word on the street from the few conservatives who reside in San Francisco was - at least the Newsom affair involved a woman and not a man.


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