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Iraq Issues Destroy Confidence in U.S. Military Capability

The majority of those polled believe the United States has not only failed in Iraq and in Afghanistan, but also believe the United States is incapable of a successful military operation meant to free their homeland  should an invasion take place.

Think & Ask mailed a questionnaire  to 1,100 citizens in 12 industrialized  countries  in December 2006. Those countries were -- Argentina, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India,  Israel, Italy, Japan,  United Kingdom,  United States, and Sweden.

At this point in time, there were not vast differences in opinions between  any of the nationalities questioned (respondents N=994 MoE+/-3) about progress in Iraq or Afghanistan.  One difference emerged when asked whether the United States military would victoriously free their homeland from (a hypothetical) invasion --  respondents in the United States (32 percent) and Israel (31 percent) said yes -- but the majority across all countries felt the United States would fail to protect  any country, including its own, from invasion.

Most remain optimistic for Iraq however that in 10-years time peace would eventually reign, which was not the case for Afghanistan where most felt peace would not develop.

The Situation in Afghanistan

When the United States and its allies invaded Afghanistan in October 2001 did you think the invasion would topple the Taliban and bring peace in:

6 months or less      37 percent
1 year                      38 percent
2 years                      19 percent
3 years or more         6 percent

Do you believe the United States and its allies will succeed in its mission to free Afghanistan from the Taliban and institute democracy in 2007?

Yes                   21 percent
No                   77 percent     
Not sure            2 percent

In your opinion is Afghanistan technically experiencing a civil war?

Yes           61 percent
No             36 percent
Not sure     3 percent

Question is related to future 10-years out -- In your opinion will Afghanistan:

Eventually find peace                     31 percent
Continue "as is" today                    29 percent
Become worse than today      36 percent
Not sure                                              4 percent

The Situation in Iraq

Did you believe the United States had been victorious in Iraq when on 2 May 2003 President George W Bush stated the following?

"The Battle of Iraq is one victory in a war on terror that began on (11 September 2001,) and still goes on."

Yes             54 percent  
No                37 percent
Not sure        9 percent

Those who chose 'yes' most often included residents from the United States (No.1) and Argentina (No.2,) but Canada (No.11,) and Japan (No.12,) disbelieved the statement most.

Question is related to pre-2003 -- In your opinion is Iraq:

Better off today          29 percent
Worse off today     43 percent
Not sure                       28 percent

Has the United States succeeded in its mission to free Iraq's citizens from dictatorship and institute democracy?

Yes                   17 percent
No                   72 percent
Not Sure          11 percent

In your opinion who is primarily in control of Iraq at this moment?

1) Iraq's government                                                        17 percent
2) The USA                                                                         11 percent
3) Fighters (also called insurgents by some)                 26 percent
4) No one group or 'Other'                                        46 percent

In your opinion is Iraq technically experiencing a civil war?

Yes            77 percent
No               21 percent
Not sure       2 percent

Question is related to future 10-years out -- In your opinion will Iraq:

Eventually find peace     46 percent
Continue "as is" today            32 percent
Become worse than today      17 percent
Not sure                                     8  percent

Military Power in the United States

Hypothetical Scenario: Your home country is invaded by another. Should the United States fight the invader on your country's behalf are you confident that the United States would succeed ousting the invaders and restore peace on your homeland?

Yes               17 percent
No               81 percent
Not sure        2 percent

Those who said 'yes' by country:
United States         32 percent  
Israel                       31 percent
Australia                 25 percent
Canada                    23 percent
Japan                       22 percent
Italy                         19 percent
France                     17 percent
Sweden                   14 percent
United Kingdom    10 percent
Argentina                 9 percent
Germany                  8 percent
India                         8 percent

The History Books

In your opinion who will historians claim is responsible for the fate of Iraq post-invasion by the United States?

President George W Bush                                        47 percent     
Vice president Richard Cheney                                      34 percent
*Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld                        11 percent
**United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan           6 percent
Other                                                                                     2 percent

*Through November 2006
** Through December 2006

Did you think the White House (check one for each question.)

Had a plan for Iraq in 2003?
Yes           27 percent
No           66 percent
Not sure    7 percent

Has a plan for Iraq in 2006?
Yes              34 percent
No              58 percent
Not sure       8 percent

Had a plan for Afghanistan in 2001?
Yes           59 percent
No              35 percent
Not sure      6 percent

Has a plan for Afghanistan in 2006?
Yes                22 percent
No                74 percent
Not sure         4 percent

Those from the United States, Japan, and Australia had strongest opinions that the United States 'had a plan' in 2003 for invading Iraq, however opinions of Afghanistan and current state of both countries were similar with all respondents.


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