Dangerous Experiments Explode on YouTube with Fire, Drugs, Choking  :  Published January 2007 All Rights Reserved


Dangerous Experiments Explode on YouTube with Fire, Drugs, Choking

In Think & Ask's groundbreaking series on YouTube and pornography (February 2006) this website was the first  news organization to detail the dangers of children accessing inappropriate YouTube videos without age verification.

While pornography is now "a given," and an hourly upload occurrence on YouTube, there are now other hazards inappropriate for children to view... and according to some local, small town news reports, experiments videoed and uploaded to YouTube  encourage children to 'try this at home,' resulting in injury and/or death. 

Of some 200 videos viewed by Think & Ask during a three day period in January 2007 not one of the videos described in this story required login.
The videos were available to everyone and show users how to be cool with drugs. One young man (pictured in this story) smokes marijuna and then points  a gun to his head after several rounds with his bong, calling his video 'we gotta stay high.'
YouTube user jaydogarmy
'Ghost ride tha whip,' just one example posted by kenzojimmy on 4 January,  is a mild version of boys jumping on a moving car while mocking to rap music.

In another moving vehicle video Qbanprinz15 exits his car from the driver's seat and jumps on the roof to bounce to the rhythm of the rap song as the car coasts. The practice of ghost riding, encouraged by the rapper community,  has led to at least one death in Sacramento, CA, after a boy's head broke apart from impact of hitting a parked car while he hung out the window of a moving vehicle.

KenR1415 shows you how to light your hands on fire at YouTube. In the brief 17-second video his hands are set alight with the flame of a candle, there is obviously a flammable substance on his skin to spread the flames.

A 19-year-old boy with the ID djmassengill shows viewers that holding a lighter to an aerosol stream of bug spray provides a torch to play with.

In another set of self arson video, posted by Jon Kinch, the boy sprays fluid on his clothing and burns to the music rhythm. A second of his videos (posted 27 December 2006) comes with his lead statement, "I got bored in the morning so I decided to cover myself in wd40 and light myself on fire." WD-40 is a multi-purpose household lubricant spray.

Posting words of encouragement to Kinch, markalanraven wrote, "You wimped out, you didn't set your crotch on fire." However there are plenty of boys and men who do set themselves ablaze at the crotch...

Wragby2, quickattack, inhatepants007, pooandass69, livingdeath, bbggingeben, ohmyemmi, rockthecasbah32, just to name a few IDs have videos of their burning (clothed) crotches using similar methods of spraying flammable liquid onto their jeans or pants and setting the fluid alight.

Eighteen-year-old shawn7691 shows users how to smoke a bong with his two videos calling it "delicious."

Jaydogarmy, who lists his name as 22-year-old Jamie from the United Kingdom, shows users his stash, loads-up a long plastic device, and smokes the contents while music plays. As what most of what Jamie says is inaudible in the video posted 3 January 2007 the young man holds a gun to his head toward the end as he rests his head on what appears to be a table top.

NeRooooooooo,  papooselyrical, zedroth, CVZ, k419d, phatboy10, whopeedinthedarkroom and at least another 100 IDs show users how to use bongs for smoking various drugs although marijuana appears to be the main product of choice.

Boys can access video sessions on how to perform sleeper hold, or the choking game, sessions together.

In videos currently posted it remains unclear whether all of the men actually passed out or were acting for the camera. The choking game is said to induce unconsciousness or near unconsciousness by restricting oxygen flow to the brain. The act, while dangerous, is said to erotically please the male performing the act while the submissive male passes out.

The choking game has been attributed to a number of teenage male deaths and also accounts for a number of males who suffered permanent neurological damage from the practice.


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