9-11 Terrorists Anniversary 2005 : Published September 11, 2005 All Rights Reserved

Celebrating 11 September 2005
Anniversary Year Number Four

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"Four years have passed since terrorists struck New York City. No doubt, this 'State of the Union'
essay is too long for a webpage, but my writing shall not be governed by Internet rules."
Jeffrey Allen Miller, publisher of Think & Ask.

Post 9-11 Winners
Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI)
Year 2000 closes near 11,000
Year 2001 closes near 10,000
Year 2002 closes near 8,500
Year 2003 closes near 10,000
Year 2004 closes near 11,000
Year 2005 August near 10,600

Halliburton / KBR (HAL)
Year 2000 closes near $40
Year 2001 closes near $10
Year 2002 closes high-$10s
Year 2003 closes high-$20s
Year 2004 closes low-$40s
Year 2005 August near $60

Exxon Mobil (XOM)
Year 2000 closes mid-$40s
Year 2001 (split) closes high-$30s
Year 2002 closes mid-$30s
Year 2003 closes near $40
Year 2004 closes low-$50s
Year 2005 August low-$60s

ChevronTexaco (CVX) 
Year 2000 closes low-$40s
Year 2001 closes mid-$40s
Year 2002 closes mid-$30s
Year 2003 closes low-$40s
Year 2004 (split) closes low-$50s
Year 2005 August low-$60s

BP  (BP)
Year 2000 closes high-$40s
Year 2001 closes mid-$40s
Year 2002 closes low-$40s
Year 2003 closes high-$40s
Year 2004 closes near $60
Year 2005 August near $70

Royal Dutch Shell (RDS-A/B) 
Year 2000 closes low-$50s
Year 2001 closes mid-$40s
Year 2002 closes mid-$40s
Year 2003 closes low-$50s
Year 2004 closes near $60
Year 2005 (split) August $70

Irony could describe the corporate world post 9-11; the day terrorists struck London subways, Wall Street gained millions in cash for investors on wide gains.

For key oil companies, working in Iraq and Afghanistan, their stock values have increased anywhere from 32 percent to 64 percent post 9-11, while the Standard & Poor's 500 index, and the Dow, are flat for the period.

Vice President Richard Cheney's retirement fund holder, Halliburton Inc., along with subsidiary KBR (formerly Kellogg, Brown, and Root) has seen its stock value increase 60 percent since 9-11.

Halliburton and subsidiaries have a new $4.8 billion defense contract in Iraq, and the company is in charge of building a security wall around the city of Baghdad, which is to cost $8 billion extra.

In July 2005, the military ordered nearly $5 billion in work from Halliburton to provide logistics support to troops in Iraq for the 12 months ending in May 2006. The previous bill was $6.3 billion for the previous 27 months. The new monthly bill increased to $400 million from $243 million before May 2005.

Post 9-11 ExxonMobil's stock has gained nearly 30 percent, ChevronTexaco split in 2004 and has since gained $31 per share, and BP has gained 32 percent per share.

Contrast these increases with non-oil, yet substantial companies, and their index of loss is 49 percent post 9-11. Per share: IBM is down $5, General Electric shed $26, AT&T dropped by $80, American Airlines fell $34, and Kodak reduced $13 per share.

More than 600,000 professionals in the United States have lost their jobs between January and August 2005 putting the total number of unemployed at 9.1 million...but our unemployment rate is, according to the White House lowered to 5 percent, and it claims to have put 3.9 million back to work. Statistics place 9.7 million out of work at the end of 2003.

Post 9-11 Losers

International Business Machines (IBM)
Year 2000 closes mid-$80s
Year 2001 closes low-$120s
Year 2002 closes high-$70s
Year 2003 closes low-$90s
Year 2004 closes high-$90s
Year 2005 August near $80 

General Electric (GE)
Year 2000 closes high-$50s
Year 2001 closes low-$40s
Year 2002 closes mid-$20s
Year 2003 closes low-$30s
Year 2004 closes mid-$30s
Year 2005 August low-$30s 

AT&T (T)
Year 2000 closes high-$90s
Year 2001 closes low-$90s
Year 2002 (split) closes low-$20s
Year 2003 closes low-$20s
Year 2004 closes high-$10s
Year 2005 August high-$10s

American Airlines (AMR)
Year 2000 closes high-$40s
Year 2001 closes low-$20s
Year 2002 closes below $10
Year 2003 closes low-$10s
Year 2004 closes near $10
Year 2005 August low-$10s 

Kodak (EK)
Year 2000 closes high-$30s
Year 2001 closes low-$30s
Year 2002 closes high-$30s
Year 2003 closes mid-$20s
Year 2004 closes low-$30s
Year 2005 August mid-$20s