Demand answers from presidential candidates or we will end up with another dictator. Election '08: Three presidential hopefuls define their campaign platforms for the White House.

Voters in Australia finally squash White House puppet Howard's reign with stiff, sweeping election blow.

MADD isn't glad about prospects of a lower drinking age, suggests no one under 25 can handle booze.

Hispanic dreams came true for Alberto Gonzales, but his father's path would not work today in the USA.

Sen. Clinton tells a couple of lies to Bill Maher at Yahoo! Mash-up.

Bloomie leaves the GOP. For now, I'll stick around and hold out for bringing back our roots.

Don't look to the media for climate change info -- readers are on their own to gather the facts.

Jonas Ferris wants free market rents in Manhattan. Great idea for guys his age earning $800K on Wall Street.

Newsprint publications cannot survive on opinion columnists alone. The days are numbered for journalism's queen of comedy - Maureen Dowd.

Holocaust Conference in Iran shames true patriots writes Amil Imani.

Stay in Iraq: That is the only responsible solution, at this stage, across all party values.

Columbia University students define free speech in 2006: 'Agree with us or shut-the-hell up'.

News & Politics

Work / Life balance is top goal for 2008 across the workforce and Peoplejam intends to help.

Pres. Bush signs trade pact with Peru, urges Congress to pass measures with Colombia, S. Korea, Panama.

Illegal and legal immigration accounts for 38 million so far, 15 million more expected by year 2017 research group concludes.

OPEC to weigh oil trading in basket of currencies at the insistence of Venezuela and Iran.

Ratings for Pres. Bush prep for new record, do-nothing Congress plans extended Christmas break as year ends in total failure.

Lawmakers quibble over surveillance bill, but truth of the matter is that privacy does not exist.

Sequoia Voting Systems is sold to private investors --for an undisclosed sum-- one year before the 2008 presidential elections.

Strong support base keeps Pres. Bush on top, as a fringe group of Democrats move to impeach vice pres. Dick Cheney.

Social Security payments will increase 2% in January, but inflation so far in 2007 is running 6%.

Pres. Bush leads the nation through its best economic growth spurt ever, and he maintains nearly 70% approval rating by Republicans.

The U.S. job market signals gains in $100K+ salaried positions, especially in New York, while mid-market paying jobs available hold steady.

Military Gen. tells the press the U.S. government failed beyond his wildest dreams to win in Iraq, and he holds no hope for change.

Lawmakers approve White House spending requests for Iraq and raise debt cap 10% to $10 trillion for 2008. .

Pres. Ahmadinejad of Iran offers a classier approach to the stage at Columbia University.

$195 billion request for the Iraq occupation to make '08 the costliest year to date.

Int'l consultant group finds al Qaeda more adaptable, resilient due to lack of leadership in Washington DC.

White House bails out high mortgage holders and banks, but renters in Manhattan face challenges alone.

Homeland Security: Politicans from New York and expert observers on jihad state strong opinions, but no collaborative answers.

Econ advisors at the White House laud economic growth under Pres. Bush's leadership.

City mayors tell feds to lighten-up on travel visa regulations and improve USA's image abroad due to drop in tourism.

People & Society

Business jet orders soar on demand from outside the USA.

Whistleblower wins $1M against former toxic waste dumping employer.

When in drought - pray. Republican governors turn to prayer to solve drought crisis.

Educational programs offer teens more than simply saying "no to sex" research shows.

Cellphone jamming devices are illegal in the USA, but they are the greatest invention since the SHHH! card.

Comfortable living in Manhattan comes at a premium price, so reconsider moving here without a salary of about $130K.

TyphoonHunter punches into the eye of the storm while riding the wind across southeastern Asia, documents the scene for YouTube fans.

Stress in the United States mushrooms out of control, but it is simply a part of our new economy.

NYC's new phallic symbol Tower gets a leasing agent, reports 40% of the space is spoken for.

On DVD The Vicar of Dibley series ended in '06, but now the full series is available for audiences in the U.S. in time for Christmas.

The IRS finds the income gap during the current administration has hit a new high.

Caught: INTERPOL seeks to identify man who photographed himself sexually abusing boys to gain entry into pedophile websites.

U.S. consumers add $12 billion to their monthly debt, but most pay-off credit cards ontime.

Billionaire boys show their skin at gym as millionaires fall from grace on Forbes' list.

Doo-doo in debt? Try federal resources before clicking those alluring advertisments.

Life expectancy rose to 78 in the why are those in 37 countries, with higher cigarette smoking rates, living longer?

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